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A question mark is there for the reason of minor’s suicide. Is it an accidental suicide or there is thought behind it???

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Aajker barta, Kushmandi, 3rd November :- A minor girl has committed suicide while she was playing. Is it a planned suicide or accidentally happened? It is mysterious that the girl, playing rocker with a Saree, hanged herself! On the spot she died. The incident occurred on Saturday evening, in Kushmandi block of Dakshin Dinajpur district. Only 11years old commited suicide while playing rocker on a guava tree with a saree in their courtyard. And then she was badly tied herself with the saree and hanged herself,and she died. None was in the house then. Her mother was outside of house. Just after the shocking incident happened, the villagers called the police. And they took the dead body to further investigation. The charge of the investigation was taken by the Kushmandi police station.

From the local source it was known that, the minor girl child, named Nibedita Barman, daughter of Suresh Barman, is an auto rickshaw driver working in other district. She was living in the village with her mother and two brothers and a sister. she was lonely in the house when she hanged herself, the rest of the family members were in the field busy with harvesting the crop. When they were informed about the fact, they rushed towards the home and faced the shocking reality with the minor girl’s dead body.
It was come to know from the girl’s bereaved mother that, they were not present at home, when nibedita hanged herself . She was playing rocker on the guava tree with a saree in their courtyard.
For this incident the villagers cut off the guava tree with great annoyance. Mob was gathered in a huge numbers and howling for the needful. Tension and stress has covered the local people. They wanted to know that, the suicide, commited by the girl was her intention or any deep thought behind it. It is a mystery , unsolved till date.

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